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Medical Glove Warmers
Medical Glove Warmers

The Medical Glove Warmers are ultra thin liners that fit comfortably under medical gloves to provide a thermal layer when working in the extreme cold. The Warmer’s index and middle fingers are open at the tip to allow them to be pulled back from these fingers to improve sensitivity when performing tasks such as pulse checks.

There are no thermal properties in medical gloves. In fact, if you have experienced working in extreme cold temperatures while wearing medical gloves, you will have experienced how they attract the cold to your hands. Medical gloves protect you from the risks of contamination from the patients you are assisting but they don’t protect you from risks such as frost bite when working in extreme cold temperatures. The Warmers deal withj this risk.

Medical Glove Warmers are a seamless knit using 100% nylon that provides the stretch necessary for a close and comfortable fit on most finger diameters. Nylon is also an excellent sweat absorption material.

Medical Glove Warmers are available in Medium (8” with green cuffs), Large (9” with yellow cuffs) and XL (10” with brown cuffs) sizes.


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